Saving articles and events in collections

When searching for articles and events in Event Registry, you are likely at some point to want to save one or more articles/events that you find relevant or important. You might need them for later use, perhaps for some research purposes, or maybe so that you can share them with colleagues.

Meet our collections feature. Collections are folders in Event Registry where you can store content which you want to keep for later use. After you log in (if you don’t have an account yet, sign up for a free one today) and then choose “Collections” from the top-right drop-down menu.

collections menu
Collections menu item

Creating collections

After clicking the menu item you will be taken to the Collections page, where you can create and edit your personal collections. Below is my list of collections. Beside the default collection (My saves), I’ve created three personal collections for my various interests. You can create a new collection by clicking the “Add new collection” icon.

My list of collections

Saving content to collections

After you have created a collection, you can go to any page that shows a list of articles and events. Once you move the mouse over an article or event, the bookmark icon will appear in the top right corner. Clicking on the icon will open a drop-down menu with names of all personal collections. Choose a collection to add the item to it.

Adding an event to a collection

Viewing your saved content

To view the items that you have saved in your collections just visit the collections page and choose the particular collection. There you will see all the saved content.

Viewing content in the collection

Sharing collections with other

If you would like to share your collections with friends or build a collection together with others, Event Registry allows you to do this. When viewing a collection, open the options menu for the collection and choose “Edit shares with others”.

collections - edit shares
Sharing collection with others

In the dialogue box, you can enter your friend’s name (he/she has to have an Event Registry account). You can also choose if you want to give him permission to only see your collection (read-only) or to be able to add/remove items from it (read/write permissions).

collections - share permissions
Editing permissions for a collection

When you share a collection with others, those users will be able to see it in their collections page. If you have given them permissions, they will also see your collection when bookmarking events and articles.

Gregor Leban

CEO and co-founder of Event Registry


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