Gaze into the moonlight with the ER’s round up of the Oscars

One way to search for coverage of this year’s show and related events is to use the concepts field to seek out everything related to the Academy Awards, as seen in the image below.

Searching for Events makes it easier to keep tabs on the various subplots of the ceremony and events related to the awards. This includes Jimmy Kimmel’s performance as host, the fact that an Iranian cinematographer was prevented from being able to accept the Foreign Language Best Picture Oscar by US immigration, and the first word from those famous Oscar after parties.

An article search using the Academy Award concept enables a comprehensive overview of global reporting on the Oscars. Using date ranges allows you to review trends related to the awards. In the graph below, you can see the steady increase in media reporting over the last culminating in the crescendo of reports about the ceremony (on Monday Greenwich Mean Time).

One of the analytical visualisation tools integrated into Event Registry is Tag Cloud. As demonstrated in the picture below created on coverage of the Oscars ceremony, the tool provides a quick overview of the most mentioned terms related to your search.

The award ceremony lowers the curtain on the special focus which Event Registry has paid to coverage of the Oscars. As part of this, a public topic page was created to follow all the latest news concerning the awards. Topic pages are a great way for ER users to keep track of the latest news in a particular field of interest.


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