Follow the turmoil surrounding Agrokor using a topic page

The story has extensive implications for the region that go beyond business. A good way to keep on top of what media are writing about this story is using Event Registry’s topic pages.

An example of a topic page used to track stories on Agrokor. This page is accessible at Agrokor topic page on Event Registry.

In the above example, a keyword is used to identify stories containing a reference to the conglomerate. Additionally, we are attempting to identify broader topics, including retail and potential geostrategic aspects of the turmoil surrounding Agrokor.

The use of several topics and a scoring system, which can be used to better define the importance of concepts for the user, allows us to find more thematic news. These go beyond just the hard news about Agrokor and can be used to identify stories containing various aspects related to our search.

The picture above demonstrates the results delivered by the topic page sorted by the latest stories. But below the stories are stored by relevance (the star symbol in the sorting menu) – a score calculated based on the topics we have entered. These present a more thematic picture based on our settings.

Use Event Registry’s topic pages to keep track of people, organisations and themes you want to follow regularly. If you need any help setting up a topic page, we are happy to help you 😉


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