Global media go nuts over potica

A brief exchange between Pope Francis and US First Lady Melania Trump has turned potica, a traditional Slovenian nut roll, into a global hit.

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Media around the world have been reporting about the pastry dish after the Pope brought it up during his audience with US President Donald Trump and the first lady at the Vatican on Wednesday.

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Potica’s rise to global fame came courtesy of what many construed to be a joke by the pope about US President Donald Trump’s figure. “What do you feed him? Potica?” the pope asked the first lady, who is a Slovenian native.

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The words initially caused confusion with many journalists, who mistook the traditional Slovenian dessert (pronounced as “po-teet-sah”) for pizza. After some clarification from the Vatican, potica was soon trending in media reports around the world, with outlets providing everything from in-depth examinations of Slovenia’s love affair with potica to various recipes of the dish.

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