2017 in review – what was in the news

With 2017 coming to the end let’s have a look at the events that shaped the past year. What do the statistics about what was in the news say about the past year?

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Which events were the most reported on in the news this year?

 The “biggest” events of the year by our metrics mark the events that were the most reported on this year.

The biggest top 5 events of 2017 reported in the US were:

1)    Las Vegas shooting massacre

2)    Hurricane Irma

3)    Allegations of sexual assault against Harvey Weinstein

4)    Launch of iPhone 8

5)    Texas church shooting 


Top most shared events in social media 

Above we took a look at events that were most reported in the media. What about which event was the most shared in the social media? News of the death of the Linkin Park lead singer topped this category. The so-called hotness factor of the event based on shares on social media reached 1,078,714. The score means that top 10 articles in this event were shared on average more than 1 million times.

R.I.P. Chester.


The most shared events on social media this year


In 2017 media coverage focused on…

…the US, UK and Donald Trump, but also on China, India, and Twitter. These are the top entities (people, organizations, and locations) mentioned in events this year. Surprising? Given the events from the past year not so much, in our opinion.

Top concepts in events in 2017


When was President Trump mentioned the most often? 

One of the top concepts mentioned within events from the past year was Donald Trump. Let’s take a look at the timeline of articles below which shows when and how many articles were published containing the keyword Donald Trump. He received a lot of mentions at the beginning of the year (in January and February). This included the period of his inauguration and his first policy measures. As his presidency progressed, we can see that, he received fewer mentions than at the beginning of the year.

Timeline of articles for the Donald Trump keyword


Looking towards 2018

One of the functionalities of Event Registry is to predict the future. Unfortunately, we haven’t invented a fortune-telling tool, yet. Despite its name, it won’t be able to give you the numbers for the next lotto draw 😉 What you are able to see with Event Registry are events scheduled for the future. It gives you an overview of future events, like the laws that will be coming into force on January 1st, the Russian presidential elections taking place on 18th March, Prince Harry and Megan’s announced wedding date, and many other events predicted for the upcoming year.

If you are a journalist or an editor, you can plan your work ahead by having a simple yet informative chart of what will be happening, when and where in the future. You’re probably asking yourself right now: “But most of the events are unpredictable!”. That’s true, but you can at least control what you know at this moment and have a good plan in place for those. This will, in turn, allow you to be better prepared for adjusting when unpredictable events take place. Do you agree?

Timeline of the future events in 2018

Event Registry does not discriminate between the good and the bad news. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the news for its users.

We wish everyone a happy and successful 2018!

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