Topic pages are a feature that subscribed users can use to create a complex fuzzy filter to identify the content of their interest. An example of a topic page on technology is shown in the bottom figure. In order to identify the content of interest, the user can specify a list of concepts, keywords, news sources, categories and locations. Each of the filters is associated with an importance weight. By changing the output threshold, the user can regulate if they wish to receive more (lower threshold) or less content (higher threshold).

Example of a topic page

To date, users had to visit the topic page and go through the new content. Today we have launched the possibility of users being notified of new content matching the topic page using e-mail alerts. In order to create the alert, open your topic page and click the “Configure email alerts” button.

Dialogue for configuring the alert

In the dialogue, you can select the days of the week and time you wish to receive e-mail alerts. You can sort the returned results by relevance (best matching results first) or by date (latest results first). You can also choose whether you’d like to receive a list of articles matching the topic or a list of events.