We’ve recently launched a handy feature in Event Registry that will be helpful for users who commonly run the same queries. You are now able to save your search and simply reload it later on.

When you have a search that you would like to save to reuse later, you can enter the search conditions and then click the bookmark icon next to the search button. This will open the bookmarking popup where you can click the “Save search” icon in order to save the search for later. The saved search will store information about all conditions and filters.

Saving a search

When you want to load a particular search, you can simply open the bookmarking popup dialog and click the saved search that you wish to load. You can even organize your saved searches into folders and subfolders.

Loading a saved search & organizing saved searches in folders

In addition to being able to save and load searches, the bookmarking dialog also allows you to see and load your recent searches. In this way you can reload your recent work even if you forgot to save it.

Load a recent search from your history