Event Registry provides a wonderful way for you to find news articles and events of your interest by creating a topic page using the media monitoring product. Although you can easily define your topic of interest by entering a list of keywords, entities, sources, categories and other filters, this process can still be tedious and requires some experimentation.

The button where you can trigger training of your topic page from tweets.

To make this easier, we have just released a new feature, where you can now create your topic of interest by analyzing tweets from one of the people you follow on Twitter.

By entering the Twitter handle, Event Registry can now analyze their content (tweets and the content of articles that they have been sharing) and identify the relevant topics that they write about. Using this information, it automatically builds a topic page that will be able to identify new articles and events on this topic. You can of course additionally modify it, but at least you don’t have to start from an empty slate.

Sean Ellis

Try this yourself, by registering for a free account and then visit the media monitoring page. You can also check what results you would get for the topic page that we trained from tweets from the marketing influencer Sean Ellis by checking this page.